PDF Decrypt 2009

PDF Decrypt 2009

A tool for removing the limitations present in protected PDF files
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PDF Decrypt 2009 is a software program that intends to remove the limitations present on protected PDF files, such as those preventing you from selecting and copying text and/or images from the file, printing the file's contents, or those derived from protected form field-filling and password protection, among others.

The program's interface is incredibly small, simple and easy to use. It has just four buttons, one of them inviting you to buy it online. Unfortunately, at least in my case, the program resulted pretty useless. I tried to decrypt three different protected PDF files over and over again, and in almost all cases I got "Access Violation" and "Data Error" messages without any further explanation. The program finally achieved only two successful decryptions. Besides that, it tends to hang while performing its decryption tasks, even though the developer's website tells the decryption is instant.

This program is a shareware tool, but there is no clear explanation about what the trial limitations are. When you run the program, an "Evaluation" window appears, encouraging you to buy the program and register it, and telling you that the program will activate when you input the obtained serial number. Unfortunately, it is not until you get a successful decryption that you discover that the resulting PDF file has a bad-looking watermark that is really a link for the product's buy website.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use


  • Causes too many hangs while performing decryption tasks
  • Introduces a bad-looking watermark link on the resulting PDF files
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